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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by nogster View Post
My biggest issue with the film is regarding Bruce being an injured recluse for 8yrs. Hiding himself up in the mansion.

This just doesnt make sense at all when considering the character and the films before.

Bruce wouldve and shouldve still been active in watching over his city.

He has an advanced computer in a working batcave.
It wouldve been so much better that he became a recluse in the cave.
Obsessively keeping watch on his city and Being similar to "oracle" and helping Gordon keep the streets clean as his silent helper.
You could still have Alfred imploring him to get out and find a life.
"Your'e not Batman anymore".
All this still wouldve worked and it wouldve been more true to the character.
He couldve, wouldve and shouldve still been in decent shape. although out of form. Still keep the battered body scene somewhat. showing the toll being Batman took on his body.
I think he's supposed to be depressed or something like that. Before he came back to Gotham to become the Batman, he was a criminal in prison with no meaning in his life. After the Dark Knight he can no longer be Batman (well, he could, but that would conflict with Harvey Dent as the symbol of good in the city, and Batman the evil).
Having to lie and no longer being able to be Batman, he probably feels beaten and castrated or powerless, and without a purpose in life. The defeat in TDK sends him into a depression. Remember, that Batman has always been his mean to channel his feelings after the loss of his parents.
That being said, I do see what you mean. What you're suggesting could've well too, maybe better. I don't know.
I don't know if you're supposed to analyze the movie to this degree either, but it does make some sense, even though it isn't made clear.

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