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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

sorry but the praise being aimed at nolan is unwarranted. IMHO, nolans batman is NOT what a comic book movie should be. they were not moving, nor entertaining to me. they were just a flat out bore. one or 2 halfway decent action sequences, but thats it. everything else reminded me too much of an elongated CSI episode with elements of "law and order". not the kind of thing i except nor want in a superhero flick. im one of those people that saw Batman Forever 3 times in the cinema because it was so much fun. nowadays batman has become the equivlant of any humdrum action movie made today. nothing unique about. so when i read reviews saying how "amazing" the new ones are, i just roll my eyes in utter disbelief. overrated? nah. ULTR overrated? you bet.

whatever happens next, i pray they go back to the original forumla, a "normal" blockbuster type of movie, not too far from what marvel is doing, and i really dislike marvel. batman and superman are the only characters in comics i like, and so far the recent movies have really just been lackluster. i want big bold action, a real Bat-mobile, over the top villians that actually look like there comic book counterparts, not some lame reimagining to a dull realistic forumla. i want, plain and simply, a COMIC BOOK MOVIE. not some lame meladrama that doesnt even use the word "batman" in the title that masquerades as a comic book movie. they as well have called it "armour wearing pointy eared man" because they rarely if at all called him batman. its as if nolan is ashamed to be making a superhero movie, so he tries to give it thuis superficial mask of self importance and faux depth to cover up the fact its about a guy who dresses like a bat.

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