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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

Originally Posted by the-avenger View Post
No one could possibly make a better batman film than chris nolan

LMAO i hope your joking. he didnt even make the best ones. tim burton IMO still is the bat-master when it comes to the films. i even thought joel schumacher did a better job at making a fun entertaining batman film with Batman Forever. nolans movie should have been called "average man" cuz his batman is so lame i can barely watch.

btw, those who think im being narrow minded as well, im not. i gave nolan a chance. Begins was ok...but just ok. TDK was terrible. i decided to not go back for a 3rd because so far ive just been dissapointed. until WB decides to bring back the classic blockbuster batman, i will stick with the original series.

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