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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
This is an incredibly myopic view. Fanboys (Aka the people who know that Fox is ruining the franchise) account for less than 1% of the general audience. Doing X-Men "right" isn't going to suddenly change their fortunes.
So all those interviews that Mark Millar speaks out on are only for 1% of the GA?

I say this because Mark makes it clear in every interview that it's Fox that makes these X-films.

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
I dont think that DOFP will make a Billion.. even if its the perfect X-Men Film... that being said, Last Stand grossed $460...

The Sentinels, The DOFP story and Bringing back some members of the original, plus First Class Cast and hopefully one or two badass character additions will push it over that $460 million mark, and probably add 3D to it i could see the film grossing $750-$850million.
Yeah you're forgetting one thing though.

Hobbit 3

If DOFP was in fact really good and had two or three weeks to themselves that would be plausible.

As it stands now, they'd be lucky to get 150-200 mill domestically and another 200 mill overseas.

Remember LOTR's track record is far greater than fox's x-men. So I don't see the final piece of the LOTR's legacy being ignored for a dwindling Fox franchise. Especially overseas.

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