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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
I dont think that DOFP will make a Billion.. even if its the perfect X-Men Film... that being said, Last Stand grossed $460...

The Sentinels, The DOFP story and Bringing back some members of the original, plus First Class Cast and hopefully one or two badass character additions will push it over that $460 million mark, and probably add 3D to it i could see the film grossing $750-$850million.

If you look at films like Fast Five, Avengers and even Ghost Protocol, they all faired much better then prior franchise as they were fun, action packed team up films.

Franchise second Highest grossing film, vs Team Up film

Mission Impossible 2 ($546 mil) vs Ghost Protocol ($695 mil)
Fast and Furious ($363 mil) vs Fast Five ($626 mil)
Iron Man 2 ($623 Mil) vs Avengers ($1.5 Bil)

Bringing the original trilogy and the FC will certainly boast this franchise, and depending how well Wolverine is received that will certainly be a excellent boast for this film as well
How do you consider Ghost Protocol and Fast Five to be "Team Up" films?

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