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Default Re: Burton and Schumacher Hot Toys

i expect:

DX Penguin - with both outfits ( long johns and tuxedo) , removable coat, raw fish, Blade Umbrella, Gun Umbrella, Helicopter Umbrella,interchangeable gloved and ungloved hands, and 2 interchangeable heads with the PERS system ( serious looking and grinning/smiling). Sideshow Exclusive to come with either a 3rd interchangeable head ( grimacing head with all the black/green blood coming out of his mouth) or the "Pied Piper" Children's Umbrella

Catwoman - with whip,interchangeable hands, Miss Kitty, Tazer,and Interchangeable masked and unmasked heads.Sideshow Exclusive to come with a 3rd interchangeable head, showing the "semi-damaged" look from when she falls in the hothouse.

Batman DX - Returns outfit with interchangeable hands, Batarang,Grapple Gun, Penguin Missiles Detonator, closed Umbrella, and interchangeable Masked and Unmasked heads with the PERS system. also, and extra,interchangeable "ripped" neck/cowl piece for the unmasked head.

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