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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Maybe that's why the shared universe that has worked so well for Marvel is now such an attractive option!

I think a shared universe (films having to account to each other in some way) is a good step towards better continuity so things are aligned.

Not sure I understand the point on supporting characters and character fodder.

I agree Beast didn't look right at some points. Maybe they didn't have the money to correct it, or redo it. Here's hoping for an improvement next time.

Hopefully, Fox now has a true plan in store, even if they didn't before.

I kinda agree with this. I was not at all a fan of Juggernaut in X3, but there is still chance to him to appear again in First Class films set in the 70s or 80s, or in a film set after X3 if he survived running into a wall on Alcatraz. Likewise, there is still chance to include Havok's relation to Scott (as an older brother, as in the Ultimate X-Men). I'm not fussed whether he is the younger or older brother on screen.

I agree continuity needs addressing, and I hope the idea of a 'cinematic universe' is one way towards that, because they will have to bear in mind where films fit into the timeline.

Miller hasn't had chance for much influence yet. When he was hired, The Wolverine was in production on the other side of the world, and DoFP was already in development (and probably being scripted). He hasn't had any impact on either of those films.

I hope we get more than a quick fix, or a quick buck. With any luck, Fox has seen the results that can be harvested from planning and structure.
Character fodder = White Queen, Moira Mctaggart or Azazel for instance. Too many to name in Xmen Origins.

These are supporting characters that could've been handled better. Granted you could say that about any film but Fox is infamous for their misuse of it's characters. But since we know that the X-men aren't going anywhere let's hope that they do get it right this time.

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