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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
This Is X-men board.More Importantly days of future past board.If you want to complain
about X-Men films and praise marvel studios you have the indiavual marvel studios films threads and past X-men films forum.

And this Is going to turn Into arhuement If this keeps up.Plus I for one come to days of future past and The Wolverine boards to discuss them not get Into the war between X-Men film fans and Marvel studios fanboys.
Thank you for pointing out this is a X-Men board.. I for one was enjoying the discussion. But, when does it turn into an argument? When you start calling people FANBOYS.. I'm sure the Mods show distain for that type of name calling here. tsk tsk tsk

Also this I believe is the Mark Millar thread. If you like to discuss DOFP there are other subjects in this section. Feel free to roam there.

Now if you don't mind, grown folks are having a discussion..

Carry on people..

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