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Default Re: Return of the Jedi Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by steintym View Post
As a kid I just couldn't wait to see all of characters back together again. I think I was in 2nd grade when ESB came out and as a little kid, how it ended was quite the mind ****. The beginning of ROTJ was so exciting to me because of that.
I was 6 when ESB came out, and I had no idea about the whole "I am your father" scene until I saw the movie. I actually thought the whole reason Vader was so obsessed with finding Luke Skywalker was because he was still mad at him for blowing up the Death Star. Like I said, I was 6.

I've read that one of the reasons Lucas left that as a cliffhanger was so kids who were frightened of Vader could leave thinking it might not be true. I was totally one of those kids...Darth Vader scared the crap out of me when I was that age, so I refused to entertain the notion that he could actually be Luke's father. I didn't know any other kids who thought it was true, either.

But I remember seeing a commercial for ROTJ a few weeks before it came out, and by then I was almost 9, and they showed the scene where Luke asked Yoda if Vader was his father.

And that was the moment I realized it was true. No idea why, but I knew it then.

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