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Originally Posted by Gold Samurai View Post
I think we'll see the Hulkbuster in Avengers 2

Someone manipulates Banner into turning into the Hulk. Stark flies in with the hulkbuster to contain hulk.
idk. Have Thor deal with Hulk again.

He is the only one capable of putting him down if he wants to.

Hulk has had enough time as the monster. let him be a full fledged hero in Avengers 2.

Originally Posted by Matarreyes View Post
I am genuinely curious about this widespread need to see the Hulkbuster armor. It looks incredibly stupid to me on the pages of the comic book, and it seems offensive in the movieverse where Tony┬┤s respect for Bruce and his understanding and faith in the Hulk was an ongoing theme and a treat to watch.
exactly. We don't need a hulk buster. just a cameo would be fine. but that's IT

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