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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Hmmm, good questions!

I imagine Odin has been briefing Thor about the various potential trouble spots in the universe--part of his continuing efforts to groom him to be king. It's possible Thor had several someones in mind and hoped that it wasn't any of them that manipulated his brother. Assuming Thanos ranks in, say, the top 10 universal threats, then I would say yeah, he does know who he is.

Has Odin tangled with Thanos in the books? (Aside from anything in the Simonson arc, I mean) The only reference I could dig up was some story line where Thor goes insane (which I don't suppose they are going to do here )
Oh, given the fact that Thanos has literally destroyed the MU in the comics, i think it's safe to say, even his MCU counterpart is certainly a massive universal threat.

And Odin is no match for Thanos with the IG, way out of his league.

Though without it, he is a little to much I'd say.

The only time I can recall them tangling was during blood and thunder..I THINK..not too sure when it was..

but the fight consisted of thanos blasting odin, and it doing nothing to odin. Odin blasting thanos off his feet. Thanos gets up, speaks, odin blasts him, knocks him back, and down again. Thanos gets up, Thanos' attacks were pretty ineffective.. Odin blasts him, thanos waded through a concentrated blast, only to walk up to Odin. I don't remember what happened after that, but Odin blasted Thanos away again. And he was down. Odin complimented him as a worthy adversary and one of his toughest fights in a while, and asked him if he yields (something like that)

Thanos slowly rises to his feet, and says no. Odin goes wide eyed, then warlock and whoever else show up and explain to Odin that they needed his help.

Thanos didn't really have anything for Odin, he WAS taking Odin's attacks without his shield I THINK...but he didn't have enough power to really bother Odin.

He did as good against Odin as someone who isn't another skyfather could do, in my humble opinion. Though, thanos has been upgraded since then, and I think he would be able to hurt odin, but not enough to defeat him.

But generally Odin>Thanos

Though in the MCU i'd bet it will be the other way around, even without the IG

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