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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by TheGearMan View Post
Hello people! I joined the forum here just so I can join this awesome project.
Note: I haven't read the previous pages.

So, has anyone considered using isobutane as a pressurizer for their web cartridges? It's used in paint...
I looked into it, but all I found were fuel refills. Although it could be a good pressurizer being that aerosol cans run out a lot slower than say a CO2 cartridge or pressurized air. I'm going to be cutting my pieces and getting the last bits of tubing for my shooter, I put it at 2 weeks to completion. I wont worry about the formula until I know I have something to shoot it with. And wadaltmon I saw your prototype, very cool how you were able to incorporate the LED with it, looks promising. And I was reading about the amazing spiderman sequel and it said that the costume was getting changes that included "gnarly webshooters", so maybe set photos in february will maybe give us more inspiration, should we still need it.

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