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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Aside from the TV Toyline commercial that was presented a few weeks back; no, hence why I said previously earlier on that this was all under the assumption/speculation that Zod DID have a army of robots.

for all I know, Zod might have something else entirely as henchmen since I'm still personally under the belief that there will be more than just Zod and Faora as a threat on Earth.
well, we do know from the early set pics that there were a few other mo cap guys along with Zod, and a mo cap dude with the big stick on his head with Faora.

so, that would at least suggest there are other bad guys besides Zod and Faora, with one of them potentially being larger than normal ( hence the need for the stick on the guy's head ).

whether or not they are robots, Kryptonian henchmen ( with cgi power suits? ), or something else entirely ( Doomsday like creature?? ), that remains to be seen.......

perhaps the mo cap dude with the stick is a robot ( hence the larger size ), and they're just using one guy to mo cap the movements, then duplicate that in cgi to create multiple robots........

or else the mo cap dude with stick IS Zod in some kind of giant power suit ( but then, why not just get Shannon to do it........).......

there was also one brief shot in the Comic Con trailer where it looked like Superman was fighting, in mid air, something "big." not giant, but something with mass. but it's hard to tell if that's Zod in a power suit or some kind of creature or robot......

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