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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by steintym View Post
There's definitely something to that. Watching the OT, the Jedi seemed like this mysterious, exclusive group and it almost even seemed like their existence was questionable by some.

Jump to the PT and it seems like every other individual has force abilities and everyone at least knows a Jedi (I'm obviously exaggerating ... a bit).
I wouldn't go that far necessarily, but it is true that the Jedi seemed a little too exposed in the prequels. I never got the sense that they were as numerous and governing when they're referred to in the OT, which would have made the skepticism about the force and the almost mythic depiction of the Jedi more believable. It wasn't that long ago in movie time that the Jedi were around and played such a huge part in governing/leading stuff.

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