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Default Re: Official PlayStation Vita Thread - Part 1

So My cousin picked up Declassified and I got a chance to play with it and my first impression is that it's okay definitely waiting for a price drop I played Hostiles and the first mission in story mode graphics look good and controls feel okay I didn't like the automatic running though grenade throwing is pretty good as well you tap to throw the grenade instead of dragging it. What I didn't like is that when i was playing the mission there is no background music you just hear empty shells hit the ground which is a nice touch but it would be really nice if there would have been some background music. I didn't get to play multiplayer because we were at a restaurant but my cousin said it's okay once you get used to it. I will most likely get it around Black Friday if there is a good deal.

Besides that here are a few reviews

Pocket Gamer UK 4/10
Game Informer 3/10
Giant Bomb 2/10

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