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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
To be fair - I would think the lack of "success" with FF 1 & 2 [even though they made better money than First Class] would make it less likely that they could afford to do such a blow by blow rehash of FF 1 in the reboot. Is an audience going to embrace so much of the same movie again.

Amazing Spider-Man retold the origin, which could be viewed as an error that resulted in less b.o., but they did not give us the same villain all over again in the process.
Actually neither FF movie made more money then First Class, unless you are combing the Box Office take from both FF films:

The problem is movie Doom was not nearly as interesting as the comic book version of the character, so a proper version of Doom from the comics has not shown up on screen. And the problem with using another villain is other Doom and Galactus, the FF's rogues gallery starts getting kinda of weak. So if you are going to use a villain who isn't Doom, they are going to have to do something to make that villain compelling, not just seem like a place holder for Dr. Doom. Lizard is more interesting then most FF villains, Spidey just has a better rogues gallery, so the film makers have more villain options with Spidey. I like Annihilus, but that's more due to Annihilation than any of the stories he has appeared in the FF title. I also like Ultimate Mole Man better then 616 Mole Man, so they make a movie with him as the central villain. I think they should take a lot of elements from Ultimate Mole Man. Making a movie where say Red Ghost seems like a disaster, considering how dull his character is. Plus if Doom doesn't appear in the first film, his presence should be felt, he should be a growing threat in the back ground.

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