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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
It would definitely detract from the story (and the MCU as a whole) if Janet Van Dyne made her debut in the MCU in IM3 practically sexually assaulting Tony Stark.

That would be a supreme disservice to the character (Janet is *nothing* like that), and would likely be perceived as intruding on Edgar Wright's territory, since Janet reasonably should make her debut in the Ant-Man movie.
"Edgar Wright's territory"?? It's not his movie, it's Marvel's movie and they can use their characters however they like. The fact of the matter is the Ant-Man movie is going to have very little hype on its own; by introducing elements of it in more popular titles it will gain more acknowledgement from a GA who have never even heard of Ant-Man or The Wasp/Jan.

Now, we know AIM will play a pretty big role in IM3 and possibly Ant-Man, that's the thread that connects them. If Jan is involved with AIM (and by extension Hank who is probably an AIM employee as well) it would make sense for her to be in the movie at least.

And this school of thought that some people have that character making cameos in a shared universe somehow detracts from the movie is silly, especially when those characters aren't even established heroes yet and can basically just act as easter eggs in those films. This is the same reaction people had when that rumor about Strange appearing in Thor 2 surfaced.

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