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Default Re: Create Your Own Universes

Alternate History RPG: Apocalyptic Event - Team Tesla vs Mayan Snake God

The date is the 7th of January, 1943. The place; Room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel. A man this world considered to be Nikola Tesla is found dead. Inventor, physicist and electrical and mechanical engineer, some of his greatest inventions and ideas are to this day unknown and others misunderstood by the public at large. None hold more relevance to this day than two; one misunderstood and the other unknown.

First, the misunderstood - The "Peace ray". Nikola Tesla designed and compiled specifications for a "teleforce" weapon, that which would later become known as "particle beam weapon". It is one of the more questionable actions of a man who opposed war generally as a matter of principle. Numerous attempts to steal the device by spies had proven unsuccessful, and after his death when the assets were seized by the National Defence Research Committee the box which was purported to contain his work regarding the death ray contained only a 45 year old piece of basic electrical test equipment. The blueprints and specifications existed only in the mind of Tesla himself, compiled and re-worked over years from the early 1900s until the very day of his death.

But it's much easier to understand, when the unknown invention comes to light...

July 23rd, 1903 - Nikola Tesla became the world's inventor of the Quantum/dimensional transporter, a device capable of transferring matter through time, space and alternate dimensions.

September 14th, 1903 - The first human test with that prototype. Tesla himself. After initial visits to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Voltaire and Leonardo da Vinci he looked for more. If all of time is open to you, when is the most important?

That was how he decided his next voyage would be to the mid 16th Century, to visit Michel de Nostradame. Growing increasingly obssessed with End of Days prophecies, and increasingly familiarising himself with Nostradamus' works the day finally came for him to make the jump. Communication was little trouble for Tesla, who spoke eight languages and could fill any gaps between early 20th Century French and 16th Century French with Latin, which both men spoke. The greatest revelation came when Nostradamus revealed that his works, of which Tesla had committed to his eidetic memory, were 50/50 fiction. Nostradumus stated that in order to prevent fear of an inevitible end, he had written additional years that would never occur. To give people a false sense of security and to prevent total anarchy he created entire centuries of fictional material that would never occur.

"Not 3797?"

"No," said Nostradamus, "much earlier. A little over a dozen years into the second millenium. Just over a decade after the two torched towers toppled in the apple city."


"It doesn't matter. There are a people in South America who have somehow divined the same knowledge that I have, I have spoken to Spanish conquistadors returning from the Yucat√°n. I don't know how they know what I know, but if knowledge is what you seek they may be a better source. My visions, whilst vivid, are fleeting. If you are as you say, from the time yet to be, then maybe they hold more answers for you. I believe their people to be known as the Maya. I feel pity for you. Your life should be free of the burden of the end of the world."

Returning to his own time, Tesla continued his obsessive ways, learning more about the prophesised event and continuing work on his "peace ray", refusing to believe that the prophecy was inevitable. Visiting alternate timelines well short of the disaster event, Nikola was able to narrow down his date of death to a three day window. With meticulous planning he completed the specifications for the teleforce ray in his mind and made one final visit to an alternate reality version of himself. Retrieving the alternate Tesla he planted him in his own time, where he spent the remaining few years of his life leading a reclusive existence in Room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel.

Tesla's planning complete, he had the means to stare down the end of the earth. Now all he needed were a few more stops, to pick up a few of history's finest with the courage to defy the inevitable.


So basically, you can play as any key historical figure. Preferably, pre-1935 or any current key figure (i.e. President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, hell... Bear Grylls). Also leaves the option open to play as a no named character who's landed in this scenario.

That said, I still think the seasonal game thing you guys discussed previously is a good idea to keep people interested and involved, I think this would be a good concept for that.


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