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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

So instead of WB featuring minutes of MoS(a film so far in production that it was originally scheduled to be released in a few weeks mind you), before it's own feature The Hobbit(a film so big and full of genre and demanding the same audience as MOS mind you). They instead let the direct competition in the form of Paramount's StarTrek(squeal of all things) play ahead ala TheDark Knight(and TDKR)?! no....

My dear lord. Well there goes that theory that they are going with the Nolan genre template of marketing. They may or may not release the standard christmas trailer, but it really looks like WB isn't broadcasting that this is the event picture they are fully behind and thus we shouldn't all be too, next year. Don't be surprised if we don't get a full trailer till next year. Moreover, don't be surprised if we don't get another production still. Just more mentions in other interviews by various cast telling us, not only things we already know(more serious..etc) but things they've been saying from day one(superman is the grand daddy...etc).

Come on already...just because this film isn't coming out in a few weeks any more doesn't mean you have to shelve it's buzz as well.

..they better at least release trailer two with hobbit(to get out buzzed by star trek no doubt) or I'll take my shot at making one of those hitler responds to myself.

..paramount better have paid an arm and a leg for this.

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