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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 4

I really want to see Long Halloween and Dark Victory adapted. But since the Mob is done and the freaks are out. TLH seems like it would just rehash Batman Begins. So a Dark Victory adaption where an Older 16/17 Robin is introduced would be very welcome by me. Just have Penguin take two-Face's role. And instead of bringing all those "Freaks", just have Penguin hire Black Mask. Keep The Carmine's and Keep Sofia as the Hangman.

Batman: Dark Victory
Batman - Richard Armitage
Alfred - Bill Nighy
Gordon - Joel Edgerton
Sofia Carmine - Gretchen Mol
the Penguine - Paul Giamatti
Dick Grayson - Asa Butterfield
Black Mask - Jeffery Dean Morgan
Alberto Carmine - Joaquin Phoenix
Tony Zucco - Stephen Dorff
Catwoman - Eva Green

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