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Default Re: Create Your Own Universes

Just a few ideas I had. I might try and write a few more out later.

DC 1870

"Go West, young man."

With these words in mind, the US did just that. The recently completed transcontinental railroad has opened up the entire continent to the rest of the country. Seeking new lives and fortune, countless people travel West to search for their fortune, a fresh start, or something else entirely. Among them are:

Clark Kent

Perhaps the most well known name in America today, save for President Grant and General Sherman, Kent is a star reporter from Metropolis' Daily Planet newspaper. His fame came from his hard hitting expose of Metropolis' corrupt politicians, disgracing Boss Luthor and sending his lackey Morgan Edge to jail. Kent now travels across the country as syndicated columnist, searching for any interesting news story that catches his fancy and reporting on the lives of average Americans in his personal interest pieces. Strangely enough, reports of a supernatural force seem to follow a similar path as Kent. Eyewitnesses claiming to have seen things like men flying and something moving so fast it can barely been seen by the naked eye are regarded as hogwash and generally ignored.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen was born to a wealthy industrialist family in the northeast. He served briefly at the end of the war, though only because his father said he had to. Oliver's father died shortly after the war and young Oliver took his inheritance west with him. Squandering his money looking for adventure, excitement, and women, Oliver paid his way to join a scouting party in North Dakota. While in the wilds, the party was attacked by members of the local Crow tribe. Wounded and dieing, Oliver was found by members of a nearby Lakota tribe. They took him in and nursed him to health.

Torn from his wealthy lifestyle and far from civilization, Oliver began to see that the so-called "Savages" weren't that different than anyone else. With them the Lakota he learned to hunt, learned to live off the land, and learned that he was a natural with their bow and arrow. He was teased by the Lakota for his preferences to use moss-covered rocks for arrow heads. His joked that the moss arrowheads eased the pain from the arrowhead.

Oliver was living amongst the Lakota for nearly a year before the government came calling. A union scouting party discovered the tribe and began to order them to cede the land to the US government. Angry and displeased, the Lakota refused. Torn between his old life and new life, Oliver finally decides to stand for something. Reborn as "Kitala Wahin Kpe," The Green Arrow, he now fights against those that would harm his new family.


In Missouri, lawlessness is rampant. The former Confederate state is filled with disgruntled members of the guerrilla unit Quantrill's Raiders. Central City seems to experience the worst of it. A gang led by Leonard Snart terrorize the town with their experimental confederate weaponry. These Rogues come and go as they please. Or at least they did. After Snart murders sheriff Jay Garrick in cold blood, his young deputy steps up to finally make a stand. With the fastest draw in the west, Barry Allen seeks to bring law to Central City.

The Manhunter

The mysterious John Jones is something of an enigma. A brilliant Union spy during the Civil War, next to nothing is known about the man and his past. With the war over, he acts as a senior member of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Jones is dispatched across the country to capture the most violent and deadly criminals.

Green Lantern Corps

In the last days of the Civil War, President Lincoln knew that his quest to end the oppression of slavery would not end with the passing of the 13th amendment. With this in mind, Lincoln charged one of the Union Army's best senior officers to create a special division. Colonel Alan Scott became the commanding officer of the Green Lantern Corps. Led by Scott and his second in command Captain Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern Corps is active throughout America, particularly in the former Confederate states. They fight against any wrongdoing, particularly violence against former slaves.

Now, a new threat rises up against them. Led by former Confederate general Theodore Sinestro, the Ku Klux Klan terrorizes the south and midwest with their fear tactics. Now it falls to the Green Lantern Corps to shine the light of justice on those that worship evil's might.


Slade Wilson was an officer in the Confederate Army. A young man, he joined Quantill's Raiders and helped take part in some of the worst crimes in the war. During the infamous and bloody raid on Lawrence, Kansas, Slade was wounded and was blinded in his left eye.

Haunted by his past, he now tries to run from it by heading west. In the South Dakota territory, he meets the aging British gunslinger Wintergreen. Wintergreen takes Slade under his wing and shows him that his cruelty, cunning, and violent nature have a place in this new land, and that there's always money to be made from the pain of others.

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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