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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Ya know, I've always been one to stray away from skepticism about this movie because I've never had "that" feeling. I've always felt good about this one. A "Finally" has always been in my gut. But lately and especially with the Star Trek prologue news, I have a small seed of nervousness growing. To be honest I don't think there ever was a plan to release anything besides the Comic Con footage (only to SDCC attendees), the poster and the teaser. Everything else was caught while filming. And all of that was from a far and blurry.

Zack even said they wanted to release the suit officially before it was leaked and thats the reason for the vault picture. Otherwise we wouldn't have had that either. Why are they keeping this so secret? I understand the need to have mystery and the internet can and has ruined a movie. Plus it's still considered Early... But if it's a good movie and everyone involved really likes what they've seen... What's the big deal about releasing some real pics even? It is possible to share some and not give anything away. I honestly wouldn't have watched a 9 min prologue of MOS myself. But it would be reassuring if we got something that showed their confidence in the film.

Honestly if we don't get a trailer with one of these highly anticipated movies, my seed will become a full blown thorn bush.

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