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You're right, that's quite a coalition that the baddies have assembled. Does Asgard have any allies?? (Vanaheim fought a war with Asgard, both in the books and in myth, so they're not likely friends.)
yes, so some of these warriors could be people from Vanaheim, maybe come to Asgard to get control. In the myths, they come to a peace agreement also, trading some gods, so they could be allies or not in this.

i'm very curious how they will show, and if they show Light Elves, Alfheim. This could be why they had the casting call for attractive men and women, natural blondes, that those will be the Light Elves. Perhaps with hair died to white or very light (hence why they would want natural blondes, to make that easier)... hope they dont look too much like LOTR elves though. They need to do something different.

Okay, here is what I am thinking at the moment for some of these scenes we've been seeing pictures of, and alluded to...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
these Bourne woods fight scenes are Nornheim or outskirts of Asgard. Things are going nuts either due to the bifrost being gone, or Odin seeming to be less powerful to everyone, sort of a play on Thor's worries at the beginning of Thor 1. or as I theorized in the Loki thread (due to that new interview with Tom), that perhaps there are some who feel that Loki will not be punished properly for his actions and will be out lynch mob style to get their hands on him (and not necessarily to do with Thanos). If the spoiler about the "palace" that was slammed into was a place where Loki is imprisoned, that's a possibility too, or could very well be Karnilla's palace if it's just all general mayhem out there, or maybe that's where he's imprisoned (doubt it but maybe). Either way, I think that stuff will be early on establishing the anger and fighting and general craziness that must be dealt with in the 9 realms.

I think the current fighting pics at Greenwich, are probably on Earth, with Thor fighting Kurse and the Dark Elves and Malekith, but late in the film and probably not where Jane is teaching or whatever. Whatever Jane is doing at the beginning of the story, they could use other sites at the University to show that. They could use still other sites there to show places at Svartalfheim as well. They film scenes all over the place, not in order or even the same locations *in the film*

Anyway, back to the Dark Elves invading Earth. I think there was video a few weeks ago showing people running panicked in a similar looking area as the fights (if not the same site, can't recall), so could be the Dark Elves will be CGI'd in later (although I hope they dont look too similar to Chitauri flying around), also the mention of the abandoned cars and the bus, and the fighting in London, is an indicator that Thor is probably fighting the Dark Elves and Kurse here in London and England. (although where are Sif and the Warriors 3 here? That makes me worry a bit for them) And doesnt Kurse and Thor fight in NY in the comics in one story? So that would be similar to that, but they figured they need to give NY a break.

Edit: ok I see that was Beta Ray Bill, mistaken for Thor, but same general idea.

The fight in Iceland and other scenes, probably related to Valallah, getting to the underworld (my theory is the giant waterfall will be connected to that), and fighting outside on Svartalfheim or another non Earth realm in a late battle. It is interesting though that nothing leaked from that about what these elves look like, so I am wondering instead if it could be an army of the "dishonored dead" that Loki could be leading, although that would seem to send him in a direction I'd really rather not see him go in. However that could bring Hela into it for the possible Alice Krige role. And of course if Loki dies and winds up in Hel, with other dishonored warriors, he doesnt necessarily have to stay dead, since he doesn't do that in comics. Another theory I have is that the report was mistaken and Loki and Thor may actually be on the same side in this big battle. With again, the dishonored dead forming an army and trying to get out and attack the other realms.

Niflheim ("Land of Mists") is the realm of ice and cold in Norse mythology, whose frigid environs provide a final resting place for the dishonored dead. Hel, the grim giantess whose rules over the deceased, also makes her home here. This dreary description can be fruitfully contrasted with the glorious atmosphere of camaraderie and revelry awaiting warriors in Valhalla.
Before venturing into an exploration of the Norse underworld (as attested to in various mythic sources), it is necessary to acknowledge that these sources are not entirely consistent in their usage of terms. More specifically, the terms Niflheim ("dark world" / "fog world") and Niflhel ("dark hell" / "fog hell") are used interchangeably in various sources, and both are occasionally used to describe the abode of Hel, the queen of the underworld and ruler over the spirits of the dead.

Hrmmm.... I'm going to go out on a limb (Not!) and say that the "Dark world" is in reference to Niflheim and some of the Iceland scenes are setting for there.

Edit: just adding in the new Tom interview about Thor 2 Tom says while Thor is down on Earth during Avengers "for all intents and purposes Hell broke loose"

Holy crap!! I might be onto something up here.

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