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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

I finished reading the hardcover last night. Let me say, first, that I don't regret one bit having bought this book. As a Batman and Neal Adams fan, this was a quite a treat. Neal Adams still has "it"! Story-wise, I very much understand the critics, as it can be a bit muddled. I personally enjoyed the fantastical elements, being a big fan of the stuff of Edgar Rice Burroughs. It reminded me of how Ralph Bakshi's Spider-Man cartoons put the character in these kinda' outrageous adventures in outer space, in another dimension, or on the bottom of the earth(looking foreward to reading Space-Punisher). Wacky stuff, but somehow fun!

It's not a book that I'm likely to "read" again, like I did The Long Halloween or TDKR, but it is a visual lush that I can joyfully look through again and again!

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