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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by FireRises View Post
Hello guys! I have been a "lurker" ever since the first thread, I've recently made this account to finally ask you guys (the experts) yall's opinions on a bane mask. I'm a collector of superhero items such as masks and helmets of my favorites and well I'm very picky of my collection and would like as close to screen accurate as i can get. However that said I don't want to break the bank, I would like to know which mask yall think is moderately accurate (doesn't have to be 100%) and at a fairly reasonable price. You guys have major talent and I would really appreciate and respect all opinions on the matter, thanks.
The JBrown mask is what I have and I really enjoy it, with a good paint job it looks really good and only a stickler or a true fan will be able to point out the few inaccuracies in the mask.

Like it has been said many times over, the most accurate right now is Todd's mask, but I believe he has stopped making them for right now and the few out there are most likely going to be held onto for sometime by their respective owners.

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