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I also think the London sets occur early in the movie. I'll be annoyed if they go with the cliche of Jane as the damsel-in-distress, though. Boooooring.
I agree but that is similar to the comics so they may use that element of her getting kidnapped at some point.

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also it could certainly be more than one clash that Thor has with Malekith and the elves so this may not necessarily be a final battle for anyone concerned, but I'd guess probably a ways into the film though since Thor seems to be fighting alone (for now anyway, wasn't Odin's trailer spotted there too?). He seems to be fighting Malekith quite a bit here now, so maybe some of this coming up the next week or so is where Malekith gets desperate and somehow turns Algrim into Kurse to get away from Thor himself. will have to wait and see if Adewale shows up for any filming the next couple weeks.

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