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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

The villain "plans" to get caught, just like the Joker, and is always one step ahead.
A pretty basic similarity. There are plenty of villains who have had this element. It's not unique to THE DARK KNIGHT, nor is it handled in the same manner as it was there.

The villain is a chaotic terrorist.
Like most Bond villains...again, this is a pretty basic similarity. Although I'm sure not sure he was only about causing chaos. Silva seemed to be more about imposing his own kind of order through less direct methods. I suppose he caused some chaos, but that didn't seem to be his only goal.

The villain has a mouth disfigurement much like the Joker.
Except that it's not "much like The Joker". Silva had his mouth burned out from the inside by cyanide. He's missing some teeth and part of his mouth. The Joker has scars carved into the shape of a smile outside his face. That's a pretty sizeable difference. I might as well say "The villain has longer than average hair like The Joker"...

The villain disguises himself as a cop at one point.
Again, this is a pretty basic similarity. Villains have been disguising themselves as police and other authority figures to blend in for a long time. It
happened in CASINO ROYALE before THE DARK KNIGHT ever used the concept.

The Joker disguised himself as a cop to infiltrate a public funeral. Silva disguises himself as a cop to lead Bond a merry chase through the sewers, tunnels, subway system, and then into a courtroom. Pretty big difference in their use as a story point. Again, just a basic similarity.

Bond is orphaned
Again, this is a very basic similarity, found in many stories and films. Bond has always been an orphan, which we learned most recently in CASINO ROYALE.

has an old manor house that gets burned down by the villain (BB), etc.
That's a pretty decent similarity, although that there are differences here as well: Bond himself has a hand in blowing up his home/his home catching fire. He essentially sacrifices it/uses it to defend M.

As I've pointed out, the first three things you mentioned are confined to one part of SKYFALL, IE, a few key sequences in the middle.

That certainly does not make the entire film "damn near a remake" of THE DARK KNIGHT. Not in the least. Unless you just conveniently forget about the other 80 percent of the movie and the obvious differences in the use of the story elements.

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