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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
And I'm just going to make the guess also, that it may not be a stretch that those bad guys attacking in the Bourne Woods fight scenes, could possibly be part of...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
an army of dishonored dead that have "broke loose" from Hel

and I'm also seriously considering that there may have been a mistaken report about what side Loki was on in those Iceland fights, and he may actually be fighting with Thor to send that army back to Niflheim, as part of his penance for the wrongs he's done. (as I speculated a bit ago in the Loki thread). People could easily have assumed that Loki and Thor were there, and 2 armies there, so they must be fighting against each other, but that view really doesnt put Loki in the direction that I honestly think he's going to be going in for this and future films.
I still think the Marauders are simply mercs from all the nine realms/other worlds, and they're in the employ of Thanos, who's raiding Asgard looking for Loki.


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