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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
That certainly does not make the entire film "damn near a remake" of THE DARK KNIGHT. Not in the least. Unless you just conveniently forget about the other 80 percent of the movie and the obvious differences in the use of the story elements.
Sorry, I took the "remake" language as hyperbole. That aside, I think you are downplaying the similarities and parallels a bit much as if they were simply coincidental. The point that the director has explicitly stated TDK's influence on Skyfall aside, the parallels accumulate into an overall pervasive influence. If you critique them only one by one on a surface level, as you did, then of course each might be dismissed, but together they form a strong connection between the films that is really quite plain, I think.

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Im done. Im leaving this website. I promise i will not be spiderman or attempt to be. I have a ral careerr to fulfill. Please don NOT tell anyone about this. I would appreciate if you all kept this a secret.
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