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Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I think the TDKR soundtrack eclipses the other two...especially the full recordings.
I haven't listened to the full TDKR recordings, but I agree that the TDKR soundtrack is the best of the bunch. I've loved the BB OST since the first time I listened to it and while I love certain tracks off the TDK OST (such as "Watch The World Burn" and "A Watchful Guardian"), for some reason it's never really done as much as the other two for me. The best way I could phrase it right now is that it's not as memorable as the other two, for me at least. It's kind of weird, considering TDK is my favourite movie of the bunch.

I just think, for example, that Bane's theme from the TDKR OST is much more catchy than say the Joker's theme from TDK, which gets a bit tiring after a while (probably because it's also 9 minutes long). It's why I prefer the shortened version, the "Bank Robbery (Prologue)" track.

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The Academy Award winning DC Extended Universe

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