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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Man, who would have thought one year ago that not only would Singer come back to direct another X-Men film, but that there was a chance that some of the characters from the previous trilogy could potentially return?

I was so under the assumption back in 2011 that the sequel for FC would just deal with most of the main characters alone from the first film like a few years later; that's it.

Speaking of which, I'm not as familiar with the comics when it comes to the X-Men storylines but why again are people under the assumption that by them doing the "Days of Future Past" storyline on the big screen, that we'll be seeing some of our old (future) characters again in the sequel?

I really do hope that FOX was smart enough to collaborate with those that are making "The Wolverine" right now so that we can avoid any more continuity errors.

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