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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Part 4

"Gah", Peter pinched his nose as he slowly walked along the sewer tunnel, heading deeper into forever night below New York.
"What a wonderful smell I've discovered."

Spider-Man has been searching the sewers for almost an hour now, with no signs of any life other than hundreds of large rats. Along the way, Spidey did run into some very curious things.
Things that suggested this whole "monster" angle might be true.

Peter had come across three carcasses of dogs and one of what was once a police horse. All had been nearly entirely devoured, and, judging by the bite marks on the kills, whatever it was was big.
Peter had also happened upon random piles of animal droppings. Piles that were made by a very large creature. There was definitely something down here that, by all evidence, isn't too friendly.

As if on cue, his spider-sense go's off. Searching for the source of the danger, Peter notices a pair of eyes staring up at him, just sticking up above the surface of the murky sewage water running in between the two walkways on either side of the tunnel.

"Oohhh, this is gonna suck..."

Spider-Man jumps up and clings to the ceiling just as the massive lizard man springs from the waters and lunges at where Spidey once was.

"So, I take it you're the monster who's been kidnapping people?"

The lizard man hisses at the Wall Crawler and lashes out with it's tail. Spider-Man rolls out of the way as the tail smashes into the concrete.

"You got a name, gruesome?"

The lizard man bellowed, it's throaty roar loudly echoing off of the small confines of the sewer tunnels, and leaped at Spider-Man. Spidey let go of the ceiling and dropped back down to the walkway as the lizard man's claws sunk in to the spot where Peter once was.

"Not the talkative type I see...or is that you can't speak?"

The lizard man comes at Peter in a rush, savagely striking out with it's jagged claws and it's snapping maw. Thanks to his spider-sense and heightened reflexes, Spider-Man was able to avoid the majority of attacks. But the creature was quick, and a claw sliced him across his stomach. Luckily for Peter, the wound was not deep.

"Hey, watch it, pal! You know how long it took me to make this outfit!?"

Spider-Man lashed out, connecting with a quick and basic one-two combination to the lizard man's head and body that backed the beast off of him.

"All kidding aside, playtime is over. I'm taking you down and then I'm going to find those missing people."

The lizard man charged Peter, but Peter rolled back at the last second and, using the lizard man's momentum of the charge, kicked out as the monster stumbled over Peter and launched the beast into the stone tunnel wall.

"And you better hope that I find them still alive and well", Spider-Man finished as he rushed the lizard man as it slowly rose, catching it in the chin with a solid knee that put the beast out for the count.

Okay", Peter exhales as he cracks his neck.
"Thank Zeus that's over. Guess I'll just web you up, ugly, and leave you here while I look for-"

Suddenly his spider-sense blares in his head.

"Oh, for the love of-what now?"

Spider-Man looks around him as lizard men move in from both ends of the tunnel. Quickly Peter finds himself surrounded and staring down at least a dozen of the things, most just as big as the one he had just faced, and a few even bigger.

"Well now...this a ****** twist. Somewhere, right now, M. Knight Shyamalan is laughing all the way to the bank..."


Basil Karlo tosses his smoke onto the sidewalk and puts it out with his shoe before entering the diner. Ignoring the hostess' welcome, Basil scans the eatery and finds the person he's looking for. Karlo strides over towards the secluded booth in the corner where Mr. Toomes is sitting.

"Hello, Basil. Lovely evening, isn't it?"

"Shove your lovely evening, Toomes", Basil quietly snarled, "you screwed me!"

Adrian Toomes frowned, "I did nothing of the sort."

"********", Basil uttered through gritted teeth.
"You gave me false information! Lied about it tying to Warren White! I'm on a suspension right now! I'm lucky I didn't get fired because of you!"

"You need to calm yourself, Basil", Toomes' eyes narrowed.

Karlo took the hint and, though still obviously pissed off, sat back in his chair and ended his rant.

"Now then, I apologize about the information. The bookie I got the ledgers from set me up. It was all part of White's plan to take down one of the few remaining competitors to his reign."

"Needless to say, that bookie learned the simple rules of reactions"
, Toomes smirked.

"But, before he...went away, the bookie did give me a nugget of info that he thought would save him. Tomorrow night, at the old Stagg Enterprises factory in Manhattanville. There's going to be a rather large shipment of guns being sold, by Mr. White to some very unsavory people. You get the deal on video, you get Warren White."

Basil eyed Toomes skeptically, "And how do I know this isn't a bunch of ******** too?"

"You don't", Toomes shrugged, "but this is a golden opportunity to end White's grip on the city once and for all. I'll be there with you to provide back up. Just in case."

"So, Basil...are you in?"

Basil Karlo remained quiet for a moment as he mulled it all over. Eventually though the prospects of fame were too great to pass up, and vanity overrides common sense.

"Okay", Basil nodded in agreement, "I'll be there."

"Excellent", Toomes grinned.
"Make sure you bring a good camera. Should be quite the show."

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