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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
The only problem for me with TDKR was that there was no Gothamite voice (a common issue looking at these boards) but everything else is lovely to me. Bane's plan makes more sense when I think about it, Talia is also an issue I have but not a huge one like it seems to be for others.

For me Nolan's trilogy is MY trilogy. Some had Star Wars, some had Lord of the Rings, Nolan has given The Dark Knight Trilogy. And I don't think any other trilogy will come close the story throughout the trilogy is just brilliant.

The only way TDKR was gonna affect my feelings in a poor way was if it somehow made the previous films weaker. But for me TDKR makes BB and TDK stronger. TDKR wraps it all up beautifully, ties up the point made clear in the first film and throughout the second. Each film leads wonderfully into the next and each story and the direction they go just seem logical. It is not perfect but its as close as anything has ever gotten and it will be a mighty hard task for anything else to get close.

For many Blake has ruined these films for them but that a non win situation he HAD to have lots of screentime otherwise we'd all be crying "why has that side character got to wear the suit he's not worthy!" by the end of the film if there was anyone who would be worthy of the mantle throughout the trilogy it would be Blake IMO.

Each film has its pros and cons, each film has great moments and poor moments. They are just as strong/weak/good/bad as one another. To claim TDKR lets down the other is saying that the other two are better which just isn't the case. I will never have a solid answer to the question "What's your favourite film in the Batman trilogy?" because I simply could not choose.
Exactly! Blake figured out who Batman is just by looking at him! The only person who can do that is... well, Batman! Therefore he deserves to be Batman. Robin John Blake Batmen(full legal name).

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