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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
You'd think TDKR was so bad with all the crap it gets, when everything shows that it's at least better than Batman Begins(which many seems to deny even):

70/100 Metacritic (8.5 user rating); 85%, 7.7 average rating on RT (62%, 6.7 top critics)

82/100 Metacritic (8.9 user rating); 94%, 8.5 average rating on RT (91%, 8.0 top critics)

78/100 Metacritic (8.6 user rating); 87%, 8.0 average rating on RT (76%, 7.9 top critics)

I disagree with the critics. For me it goes in opposite order. BB is the best by a pretty considerable margin, then TDKR, then TDK. But I do agree with your general point that some folks want to make TDKR out to be some kind of SM3-esque disaster, but that is simply not the reality of the situation. TDKR is by far the most highly praised superhero threequel, both by critics and audiences.

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