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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread


Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

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Charles took Jean's shoulder and helped her as Hank and Rex ran towards where Scott was last seen. They came through the haze and saw Scott and Jefferson on the ground, both of them now passed out. Standing in between them, the diamond woman watched and waited.

"More boy toys? Marvelous."

Growling, Hank leaped into the air and prepared to pounce on her. The woman dodged his claws easily and grabbed Hank by the arm. She slammed him to the ground like a ragdoll and turned her focus to Rex.

"Come on then, b****," he said, his body shifting colors and compositions. ~Professor, I need you to run interference for me in this one. Shield my thoughts.~

~I'm with you, Rex. Keep her busy, I can do the rest.~

Running towards the woman, Rex hit her with a titanium fist. The diamond coating bucked, but didn't cracked. Snarling, she struck kicked Rex in the knee. While the two of them traded blows, both Jefferson and Scott began to stir.

~Scott, Jefferson, I need you both awake and ready,~ Charles said in their minds. ~I can only communicate with you while she's distracted with Rex. Our shot will be limited, but here is the plan.~

Charles transferred his thoughts to Scott and Jeff. Standing, the both nodded and saw Rex, who nodded towards them. The woman turned and saw the two young mutants standing and ready.

"The bloody hell?"

The woman was knocked backwards by two titanium coated fist. Scott saw the small crack forming in her shielding and let loose with a powerful blast. She screamed as the optic blast tore into her skin. On instinct, she dropped her diamond form. Pointing his finger, Jefferson zapper her with a lightning bolt. Unshielded, the electricity hit her and knocked her to the ground.

Rex pounced, pinning her to the ground while Scott and Jeff rushed to help. Cyclops stood over the woman, his visor glowing ruby red.

"You move or even try to use those psychic powers, I'll make you pay,"

"Damn children!" She spat. "You just all made the biggest mistakes of your short, insignificant lives."

"Last guy we fought said that. Didn't work out for him."

"And I'll have you know we all live very significant lives filled with adventure and video game playing!"

"Why are you working for Creed?"

"Working for Creed," she chuckled. "I don't work for that unwashed hick."

"Really? Why did you try to attack Bradley?"

"I didn't try to attack him. I distracted you. Successfully."

Looking up and around, Scott traded a look with Rex.

"We need to go..."


The three SUVs were parked off the side of the rural highway. Creed sat in the passenger seat of the lead car, a pistol in his lap. There were four men in the car with him. They watched as an armored van rolled by "MICHIGAN STATE CORRECTIONS" stamped on it.

"That's it," he said. One of the men in the back passed out ski masks to the rest of them. Creed slid the mask over his face and put a walkie-talkie to his mouth. "Alright, we're moving out. Remember the rules. Don't kill the guards. The mutie is fair game."

The SUVs started and pulled out on to the road, following the armored van down the highway.

Three miles down the road, Wanda Maximoff stood on a bluff overlooking the highway. She spun a rusty nail in her hands and watched the road intently. She ran the probability and numbers in her head.

The odds were in her favor.


The three SUVs roared down the road towards the armored van. The driver of the van saw the cars in his rearview mirror and cursed. "Call for help," the driver said to the guard beside him. The three cars began to catch up to the van. They were a car-length behind when masked men leaned out the SUV's open windows, submachine guns in their hands.

"****!" The driver shouted, trying to pick up speed as the men opened fire. The bullets ricocheted off the van's armored plating and slowed the cars down. The van came around a corner with its attackers hot on its heels.

Wanda Maximoff saw the van coming around the corner with the three cars in pursuit. She scowled as the probabilities and odds around her changed. Each potential future, and their mathematical probabilities, were laid out to her as the van approached. Still holding the rusty nail in her hands, she saw the course of action that would work.

Timing it, she tossed the nail over the bluff she was standing on. It bounced down the hill and on to the pavement just as the van passed over it. The bouncing nail shot up into the van's undercarriage and hit the armored car's faulty universal joint. The U-joint snapped in half, dropping the back of the van's drive shaft down into the pavement. The speed, coupled with the force of the drive shaft hitting the road, cause the drive shaft to act like a pole vault. The shaft propelled the van upwards, flipping it in the air. The armored car came down on the pavement roof-first. The hardened roof took the brunt of the force and buckled slightly from the crash.

Behind them, Creed's cars swerved to avoid the flipped van. Creed's SUV dodged it, but the car closest to his clipped the van and spun out into the grass, slamming into a large tree. The driver of the third car slammed on the brakes. The slowing SUV rammed the van and sent both cars skidding across the pavement and to the shoulder of the highway.

"Goddammit!" Creed yelled as he climbed out the passenger seat of his car. "Someone go check on the others."

Creed cocked his pistol and began to walk towards the overturned van with a pair of armed men. Wanda burst from the side of the road, taking out one of Creed's men with a kick to the knee. She spun, grabbed the injured man's gun, and aimed. Wanda opened fire, striking the other armed man in the shoulder. She turned her gun to Creed and began to crunch numbers in her head.

"I suggest you drop the gun right now," she said.

"Sorry, mutie, you're not taking him."

"You're going to stop me?"

"Damn right," Creed said, pressing the trigger of his pistol. A loud click issued from the gun.

"Would you look at that. Seems like there was a sixteen percent chance your pistol's firing pin wouldn't work. Funny that it still jammed."

Smirking, Wanda drove the butt of her pistol into Creed's head and knocked him unconscious. Hurrying to the flipped van, she shot the locks off the back doors and opened it up.

Lying on the roof of the van, which was now on the bottom, was Doctor James Bradley. His arms and legs were shackled, and he had a bruised and swollen face.

"Doctor Bradley," Wanda said with a nod.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked weakly.

"I'm your ride. Seems that some powerful people want to see you elude federal custody."

Sitting up on his knees, Bradley coughed and looked up at Wanda.

"And who would be that generous?"

"Why me," a voice said behind them.

Wanda and Bradley turned and saw Lensherr on the road in front of him. He sat in his wheelchair, the teleporter Bolt behind him.

"Hello, Doctor, I'm Erik Lensherr. Have you heard of me?"

"You're Magneto. The mutant freedom fighter."

"Ah, so you're a fan. I must admit, I'm a fan of your research. Mostly."

Standing, Bradley eyed Lensherr suspiciously. "What's this about?"

"Tsk. You break a man out of prison, and he wonders about your intentions. Is that what passes for gratitude? I'm offering you a chance, Doctor. A chance at freedom, a chance to make a true difference. Have you heard of the Greek goddess Nemesis?"

"Goddess of revenge, right?"

"Right, but she stood for more than just simple revenge. She stood for divine retribution, striking down those whose hubris had run rampant. True and absolute justice was her policy. Under my watch and guidance, you will be able to get revenge, you will become an agent of the will of evolution. You will strike down those that wronged you, those that laughed at you, and those that tried to kill you. You will become Nemesis personified."

"And what will I have to do for this?"

"Work alongside me and my Brotherhood. For your contributions as a physician, I will help you continue your research on the origin of mutants. I only have one request: No more live experiments. Not now, not ever. You experiment on live humans and mutants, you are no better than the cavemen we are evolved from. Understood?"

"Yes," Bradley said with a nod. "I understand."

Nodding, Lensherr waved his hand. The chains around Bradley's arms and legs snapped and clattered to the floor.

"And you, my dear Wanda? My offer still stands."

"Just give me my money."

"Very well. Gather around, and we'll leave."

Bradley and Wanda approached Lensherr. They placed their hands in his hands while Bolt held his hand to Mangeto's shoulder. In a flash of light, they disappeared from the area.


"We missed them," Charles said with a sigh.

He and the rest of the X-Men were walked through the wreckage that hadn't yet gotten cold. Unconscious men were scattered on the road and Bradley was nowhere to be seen.

"What the hell did this?" Scott asked. He was bent over, looking down at the unconscious Grayden Creed.

"Whatever it was, it doesn't appear to have been done by Creed and his 'Friends'. Someone was here and they fought back. I can smell them... familiar scents."

"Erik was here," Charles said as he examined the overturned armored car. "I can feel his psychic imprint in the area."

"Magneto broke Bradley free. Why exactly?"

"He's showing out with everyone watching. Creed and the Banjo Backstreet Boys here were trying to do, but it blew up in their faces."

"Exactly. Bradley's a mutant, a high-profile one at that. This case has been in the media for a year now. Why hid in the dark when you can flex your muscles with the rest of the country watching? He sent a message here today."

"You send a mutant to jail and he perceives it to be unfair, he'll bust them out."

"Jail cells and prison walls are simply obsolete to an entire people who can simply destroy them with a thought..."

"We can wax poetic later," Charles said, looking down the road. "We have to go. The police will be here soon."


Two Days Later

The large, burly man walked out onto his penthouse balcony. Graydon Creed sat in a chair, looking out at the New York skyline with a blank and distant stare. The left side of his face was black and blue due to bruising.

"Emma," he said to the blonde woman standing beside Creed. She flipped her hair back and smiled.

"Mr. Savage."

"I saw the news. What went wrong?"

"Two groups of interlopers," she said with a scowl. "A group of children attempting to play hero, and then a group of thugs trying to play revolutionary. I was outnumbered, my king."

"I don't expect the White Queen to make excuses, Miss Frost. I expect the White Queen to do as I say. And I told you to deliver Bradley to me. Alive and in person."

"Well, he is still alive."

"Or so you think," Savage looked at her with a look of slight contempt. He walked forward and leaned against the balcony railing. "This Magneto character, what do you know about him?"

"I gleaned some mental information from the group of children I fought. They've faced him before. He is apparently an old friend of their teacher, an angry mutant named Erik Lensherr."

"Lensherr?" Savage asked with a mischievous grin. "Now there's a name I thought I would never hear again. What about these children's teacher?"

"His name is Charles Xavier. He and his students were apart of a mutant taskforce run by the government. They were the ones that beat Creed in Kentucky."

"Interesting... General Williams said at the last meeting that the Pentagon had been breached by powerful mutants. Someone that turned tail and ran, but not before wiping out the memories of every human they came in contact with over the past six months."

"Xavier is a psychic. A powerful one, at that."

Savage stroked his goatee and contemplated his next move. After a few minutes of silence, he spoke. "I have a job for you. There is a facility in the San Francisco Bay. On Utopia Island. That's where General Williams said it the mutant strike team and is based. Go there, use your abilities to talk your way into their midst."

"To what end, my king?"

"To make them remember. Remember everything about Xavier and his students. What they can do, what they did to them, and where they are. Lead them up the primrose path to his doorstep. No more interlopers, Emma. See that they're taken care of."

"Yes, my king."

Frost bowed to Savage. She stood and turned to Creed.

"Move," she said with an edge in her voice. Creed stood and followed her inside the penthouse without any resistance. Savage stayed on the balcony and waited for them to leave before he walked inside.

"Donald," he said as he came into the kitchen.

A tall, blonde haired man was in the process of washing dishes. As soon as Savage said his name, Donald stopped his work and stood up straight.

"Yes, sir?" He asked in a dull and monotone voice.

"Search the internet for any combinations of the following names: Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr."

"Commencing search now."

Savage watched as his android manservant stood still. Inside, Savage knew that his powerful CPU's wifi was working overtime, combing the internet for any traces of the men he had only knew the names of a few minutes ago.

His plan was a meticulous one, he had it calculated down to the nth degree. There was not much wiggle room. Men like Xavier and Lensherr were variables. They could challenge the outcome of his plan, they could undo his hard work.

Vandal Savage was playing a long game, even long by his standards. The past two hundred years had been building up to this. He was a patient man, but if either Lensherr or Xavier were anything close to being serious threats, he would crush them as quick as he could.

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
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