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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I don't think Xavier is the sort of person to try hard to persuade people to change their minds in that way. Except if they are a danger (like Jean Grey, as revealed in X3). He didn't do anything to stop Rogue going for the cure. There are many times he could forcibly do things to influence people but he doesn't. He's an idealist and a pacifist.
I considered Raven going with Magneto to be a very dangerous decision for her. Thats my problem with it. Shes not a dangerous person at all in this film. Shes pretty helpless for the most part. Add to the fact that Charles knew her for so long and it just kind of came off as him just not caring and closing a plot line for the sake of connecting X1. Rogue going for the cure I consider a bit different circumstances. I have my problems with that film as well. But she wasnt joining a team half consisted of murderers led by a guy who wanted to take out man kind or anything.
Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
If Mystique had stayed with Xavier and helped nurse him, it would then seem equally controversial/cruel for her to then desert him for Magneto in the next film. The script would have to include an awful mega-moment for that to happen, like she finds out Xavier is tampering with her mind or something really terrible. But it's hard to see that. Staying to care for Charles would make deserting him for Magneto even less likely an option than it may seem to some people at the end of First Class.
I dont think it needed to be a mega moment though. I thought it actually interrupted the main climax moment, fell flat and rushed to a conclusion for her. If they dwelled into her becoming a darker character it would have been more fluid and made more sense to me. I never got the sense that war and violence was this Mystiques deciding factor over good. Or that Prof X would be so cool with someone joining clearly bad people where they could actually get killed or be responsible for starting a war. Its just a tough scene for me to buy into.

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