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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
Meh. Malekith looks a little bland to me. I guess I'll wait and see what kind of CG touch-ups they're planning for him.
Yeah, Malekith looks like your basic constipated bad guy. Very curious to see what kind of CG they're going to do around his eyes, though --- it's *got* to be more than just "oooh, look, glowing eyes!" They wouldn't need CG ping-pong balls for seems to suggest some sort of....I dunno, movement. Maybe as part of his facial scarring/burning (from whatever), part of his face is rotting or missing, like Two-Face in TDK.

But right now, the cannon-fodder Dark Elf masks definitely look a lot more menacing than Malekith himself does.


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