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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

I dont know man, Ive seen Prof X get kinda preachy and help alot of people. Gotta agree to disagree on this one. All those mutants are composed of the Hellfire club and there was quite a bit of war and violence goen on in that last scene. Mystique saw what happened, she knew those mutants killed Darwin and attacked them. And Magneto was clearly out for blood and Charles was the only one who stopped him.

I agree with the themes and what they are doing with Mystique, that was clearly the intention. Not arguing that. Its just the actions of the characters and what happens in the Cuban missle crisis climax didnt execute her transition scene to me. She still went to the side that killed her team mate, shot her best friend, almost nuked a fleet etc "This is probably gonna be a violent team and get me into some deep ****"would have had to gone through her head when choosing sides. As would her well being with Charles.

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