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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
There is always a Marvel movie to tie you over till the next one drops. Also each heroes' individual fan bases can enjoy each others movies because they might hint at something larger that effects there own favorite movie franchise. So Cap fans have a reason to go see Iron man 3 (Mandarin tattoo). Thor fans have a reason to go see Iron man 3 (Thor:TDW Trailer). Iron man fans will watch Thor:TDW and CA:TWS as lead ups to the Avengers 2. Cap fans will watch Thor:TDW for the CA:TWS Trailer. Hopefully it all comes full circle with all three fan bases going to watch GOTG to see how it sets up The Avengers 2.
Well I also think a big draw for the General Public with Guardians of the Galaxy would be people wanting to learn more about Thanos (which I am not sure if he is just rumored at this point or confirmed), but if he is in Guardians, the Avengers has already peeked peoples interest on the character and I think people will want to learn more about him before going into Avengers 2. Not to mention that since all of the stories are now somewhat connected through Avengers it is a natural reaction for people to want to see the whole tree rather then just one branch of it. I mean it is kind of like a puzzle being put together where people will naturally want to fill in the missing pieces, and most people would not consider a puzzle complete until every last one is put in place. It is quite genius that Marvel has decided to create this crossover universe and I think it strengthens future Movies for even lesser known characters because people hear Marvel and now they just want to know how it ties together.

Well that is how I see it at least.


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