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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I still think the Marauders are simply mercs from all the nine realms/other worlds, and they're in the employ of Thanos, who's raiding Asgard looking for Loki.
That's what I think.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Boy talk about being on the same wavelength at the same time, LOL but some good thoughts/points here, in regards to who the Asgardians are actually fighting in this article...

WARNING! Spoilery speculation within link!

In particular check out the picture of Hela's army.
I like it. I think that is a legitimate possiblity as well. Could be Hela's army, could be Thanos' army. I don't see Surtur having an army that consists of anything else besides demons though

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
LOL. I reall want to discuss that link I just posted and more about who the army is but I think I will start up a new thread in a little while for it. I feel like we're getting too off topic in this thread which is about Kurse. I've got soooo many thoughts on how things could fit together as a whole, but it's getting confusing with the discussion all in different threads.

I think we'll see Kurse on Midgard, and that may be it. I think the thing Adewale tweeted about...
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
scenes with Renee and Anthony, may be as Algrim, and also, could possibly be a backstory scene showing how Malekith wound up looking as he does.

also Adewale tweeted last week I think about another hard week as Kurse, so I think all his stuff as Kurse will be motion capture and we probably won't see him until a trailer. what I'm waiting for the next week or so is to possibly see Adewale made up as Algrim and looking like all the other elves (but I assume much bigger)

and jaqua99 will be happy to know that I am currently coming around to the idea that Loki will not be the one to do Malekith in and instead Thor or more likely Kurse as he does in the comics (IF Malekith even dies at the end of Thor 2 which we dont know for sure yet). I still feel really strongly on the why i think that could happen, and I'm still hoping for some magical LokixMalekith fighting at some point but recent factors are making me think that it may go more closely along the lines of the comics than I thought (though it would be nice if they'd surprise the comic book fans with some new twists! I hope they do in some other areas!) So save this message since you and I agreeing on something doesn't happen often.
You should go ahead and make the thread. It is tough to say, I actually am now 60/40 to hela/thanos. It may be my bias though, cause although thanos is my favorite villain, I'd prefer if this stays thor orriented.

hahaa I know, this is two agreements in two days!

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I'm thinking now we won't see Kurse in any set pics.
Because he'll be all CG.
That would make sense, if they're going canon with his look --- he might wind up being Hulk-sized after all.

Triple A filmed those scenes with Odin and Frigga, presumably looking something like what we've seen in the Malekith and Company pics, since Algrim is just another Dark Elf; but I'm beginning to suspect we won't see any images of Kurse until post, where he'll show up as a CG construct.
Which kind of sucks, cause we probably won't get kurse till a trailer then? :/ I expect him to be big as well. That guy we were speculating, there were others who looked like him, so it is pretty safe to say that he wasn't algrim/kurse

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