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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Edward studies the various pictures of Dr. Slayton on a computer projection and reviews his routine in his mind over and over as he finishes his gravity boots workout.

After a quick shower he gathers a couple boxes of chemical compounds and a dozen roses and drives away in a nondescript Honda. A few blocks away from the Waldorf Astoria Edward slips into a floral delivery outfit and puts two magnetic stickers for a flower shop on the side.

He pulls up to the parking garage and leaves his car. Entering the lobby he shows an order to the desk clerk and says, "Last minute addition to the Slayton suite, can I get up there and get this in the room. Please! Otherwise it's my job! I forgot about this please can you help me!"

The desk clerk replies, "Hold on for a minute." The desk clerk makes a phone call and says, "I have someone here from one of the flower shops saying something about a last minute addition...yeah everything looks good...all-right sir...understood...yes sir."

The desk clerk turns back to Edward and says, "Hotel Security will be here in a moment to escort you up to the room."

Edward nods and says, "Thank you."

Security arrives and one gentleman waves a couple of wands over the flowers and another frisks Edward. They look at one another and one says, "Flowers are clean. No poisons or toxins." The other one says, "Yeah he's clean too."

They escort Edward upstairs and he leaves the flowers in the suite with all the others. Edward leaves the hotel and gets back to his house.

Edward enters his workshop and pushes a button on his work-bench. A hole opens in the middle of the floor and he drops his flower shop stickers, clip-board, his costume and the chemicals into an acid vat.

Once he finishes that he grabs a phone and sends out the following text:

Riddle me this: How did the brave squirrel make a killing in winter without using his hands?

He sends out his text and Edward says, "He used his nuts!"

Edward assess the situation concerning the chemicals on the flowers.

Let's see on the surface the flowers are harmless, however the treatment used on them are a peanut base. Very rarely found here in Gotham but not fatal and Dr. Slayton is highly allergic to nuts. Once they are absorbed into the skin it gets into his system and it happens very slowly...eventually though it's...bye bye Doc.

Within 48 hours Dr. Slayton is reported dead and Edward receives another payment.

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