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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

for TDKR

Have the nuke be something else more comic-booky - like an earthquake machine that Babe has already destroyed a foreign country with or something. I didn't like having to imagine that radiation is drifting across the water in Gotham now. Something more easily safely destroyed in water.

Have Talia reveal some of her toughness and ruthlessness during her relationship with she wasn't a dull kind character while she was good. Something like, telling Bruce coldly that she believes it is better if people die as long as the environment is protected...something to show her roots and make her interesting to watch.

I thought it would have been cool if they had shoe-horned in a way for Blake to fight side by side with Batman in a costume, even just for one short scene, like "put this on" so he can be bulletproof for one short attack or something. And if they had some mention of him having an acrobat hobby, like showing him doing acrobatics in the gym to relax or something. Or he was in charge of the creative arts at the boys home and did acrobatics.

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