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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Regarding the casting of Alice Krige:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Reading through Hela's profile on Marvel.wikia, it doesnt' look like possession is in her wheelhouse. It also seems like she wouldn't prefer to possess someone anyway, since her own form would be a lot more powerful than what she would borrow from a Midgardian (the page says she can go toe-to-toe with Thor!!!)
I think it's a power that they can certainly add to the character, if they want, even if it's not in there to start with. And I think also that if Hela is related to Loki as she is in the comics, then more sneaky ways of getting what she wants, could certainly be used than just pure power. and this could certainly be a sneaky way of getting inside info on the Asgardians and how to defeat them.

Regarding breaking Thor's heart:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Here's a piece that I haven't yet fit into the overall narrative. Feige clarified for us in April that they are not in love; this is a quick crush over three days in the desert. Deciding whether they know/like/love each other will be on the agenda for Thor2. (So I have always been careful to characterize Thor's feelings for Jane at present as "sincere".) People seem to think these spoilers all occur really early in the story. So Jane must get possessed before she and Thor would have gotten very far in the know/like/love conversation. So certainly Thor cares for her and would be distraught at her peril. But I'm not certain her suffering (and potential demise) would be the kind of life-altering heartbreak that we've speculated on in the past. The relationship would need to be further along than it is likely to be at the point of the possession. (As I'm sure you'd guess, I think the relationship is capable of getting there, and has in the books. But I don't think it would be there at the beginning of the movie.)

So I wonder if Jane is possessed for only part of the movie, and the second half of the movie is digesting that experience and having that experience inform the know/like/love conversation. But it's not clear to me when she would shake off the malevolent spirit.
or this happens to her half way through or towards the end, after they have had a chance to meet up again, and maybe spend some time together. Although I'm having trouble coming up with an excuse for him to be down there for that, with everything hitting the fan everywhere else.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
and actually if Malekith makes a play for her early on, (if he's able to find out about her somehow, through Loki or some magical way) and then he tries to kidnap her to use as bait just as he grabs Lorelei, but Thor stops him or gets her back, then that might be a legit reason for him taking her back to Asgard with him for a while. And this could be what the current fighting scenes being filmed are about also. Maybe... although I was thinking some of the shadow boxing stuff was against a CGI Kurse, which I think will be late in the movie. Plus I think that Malekith is more likely to grab Jane in a sneaky way, as I think he does Lorelei in the comics, and not come down with a huge army destroying stuff to do it. They actually have a shapeshifting elf pose as Lorelei in the comics for a time I guess, so that certainly could be what the "possession" is in reference to, actually, now that I've found that out. But then that would mean there would be some scenes with Jane, not Jane at all, and Jane is actually with Malekith through much of this. That could certainly lead into a "moral sacrifice" situation, if there ever was one.

One more twist of the knife for Thor:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
elizah put forward the idea in one of the other threads that maybe Thor is ordered by Odin to focus on defending Asgard and let the Dark Elves run amok on Midgard, The supposition continues that maybe he defies the order and defends Midgard.

The knife-twist is this: suppose the palace in Asgard City is overrun while Thor is away, and that's when Frigga is killed? Certainly everyone will have an opinion about Thor's decision, to paraphrase something that Tom Hiddleston said.
Yes, I have wondered about that, or...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
This is when Odin is killed. Now here is a crazy idea, but I'll be curious what jaqua99 thinks especially. What if, Surtur does appear, in addition to Hela and Malekith, and Thor is on Earth defending Earth, and it's just Odin and Loki and the Asgardians vs Surtur and Hela's armies, and Odin is killed (probably taking out Surtur in the process, so a BIG death). This would be a MAJOR twist on the comics. And since the Asgardians have not read the comics, they dont know that Surtur kills Odin anyway (neither would Thor know this for that matter), so they could easily blame and shun Thor for not being there when he was needed most on Asgard. And most interesting of all, if Odin is dead, and possibly Frigga dead, and Thor being shunned by the people of Asgard, who is the only successor to the throne left? BINGO. Particularly if he chooses to fight beside Odin and the other Asgardians.

Now I know Tyr is supposed to be in there, so there may be him as an option too, but I thought it was more interesting if it were Loki. also I'm sort of thinking Tyr may not be a brother to Thor in this, possibly of Odin though, and I'm also thinking he may be already dead and involved with the Valhalla forces, so not a likely successor for that reason.

crazy idea I know but it would sure as hell be a surprise twist to the comics fans!

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