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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
No that's a gross misrepresentation of events. It was Shaw who killed Darwin, it was Moira whose bullet went into Charles (when deflected by Magneto), it was the humans who tried to nuke the mutants first before Magneto turned the tables.

You're distorting the evidence to back up your view.

I've never heard anyone beyond these forums question Mystique's decision.
Ive always had a problem with it, it something that just never sat right for me. It doesnt effect the rest of the movie to me at all or anything. I love this film!

Im not trying to distort anything. Magneto is pretty responsible for shooting his friend, Prof X says straight out she didnt do this you did because of his prior actions. Your right I should have said Shaw.That group is not far off and they obviously obeyed him,contributed and murdered quite a bit of others. Are you saying that Magnetos warped views and wanting to destory the fleets are ok with Raven bcause the humans struck first? Surely it shows evidence that they may not be accepted, but killing all those people is not something that was built into her. It should have been at leased teased, because we all know that is in her quite a bit later. Charles says everything that is needed to know with who is right and wrong in that scene. SHe joined a group of people who do/are willing to murder, thats something I find extremely heavy and just never associated with Raven in this film. They should have lead into her having some of the same violent tendencies earlier.

At no point in the film did I ever think this version of her would be involved with people like that besides being seduced by Magneto. It was all leading to accepting herself but anything violence related seems to disturb her. Just because she wants to be free and make a choice , doesnt mean everything fit perfectly with the character. I guess since she is very naive in this film, joining a group like that makes her even more so, so I guess it kinda works like that. But mostly just cause we all know who she becomes, without that knowledge of her future self that decision seems off. I still think tht Prof X could have done something to help her for her own good. Theres no way he would think good will come out of this with her. .

When it comes down to it I just really dont like the version of the characters final transition. Im not trying to change anyones view on the scene. Its how I view it. If you see it differently thats fine. I liked the stuff with Beast and they have some interesting ideas and themes with her like this series always does. But I was disappointed on this take of the final scene. I think there could have been something stronger done between the two given their relationship and character attributes in the film. Im glad they were able to develop a story for her through out, I just wished we either saw some of her more sinister motives going through the back of her head or Charles be a lil more hesitant in that moment. Even if they just ditsched the you should go with him line, i would have likd it better. If there was a scene where the governemnt harassed Raven a bit more or something and that hatred came a bit more evident it would have made that last transition make a bit more sense for me as well. I needed something more there to complete that decision for Charles or her. If others dug the scene, and thought it was perfectly done then all good.

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