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Default Re: Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle Detective Comics era

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore View Post
Well, DC has some sort of aversion against Grant and Breyfolge. So don't be so sure. But okay, there's the Batman Retro 90s thing. Perhaps things changed.
Well they were called by DC to do that 90's retroactive comic last year. So maybe the current brass holds them to higher esteem than the previous administration?

If so then I hope they actually acknowledge their important contributions to the bat mythos and give us some remastered collections of their work. I have very small gaps in my 'tec and Batman runs by them that I'd like to fill up since I sold a lot of my comics back in the late 90's. I also sold off the singles of their Shadow of the Bat run and I'd like to be able to buy all those stories in one collection one day and read them again after all these years.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
What has DC got against Grant and Breyfogle?
Breyfogle has stated that he's been blacklisted over at DC because at one point made endless proposals over at DC and they never accepted them. Here's the quote from him on the issue

"DC knows I’m available to them, but after they turned down 10 or so proposals from me after 2001, I gave up. It was quite apparent then that they’d put me on some sort of blacklist (I don’t know why they’ve done so). I’ve also heard some things from an editor at Marvel to indicate that I’m persona non grata at Marvel, too."

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