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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Technically it's not the same League of Shadows that the man who kicked him out was running. They're playing with different rules and only trying to succeed what Ra's al Ghul didn't. Bane being amongst this new LoS and alongside Talia does not seem like he's a lovesick puppy just trying to follow her around.

And I bring up that one order because that's the only order Talia makes to Bane as far as the viewer is concerned. Anything else is thinking outside of what the film tells us.
How do ya know they ain't the same LOS? Ra's in Begins said they've been around for hundreds of years following one concise philosophy. So every new LOS members follow them ideals. Bane didn't. See why Bane's plan was so crappy? It doesn't follow that.

Well if ya want to ignore the whole backstory of Bane being booted to the curb by Ra's and Talia being the daughter of Ra's who wants to honor her dad by completing his work, and Bane loving Talia and Talia actually giving him an order all tells ya that she was the boss lady. If Bane wasn't following her orders she would have found out. In this instance it don't matter since they were all gonna be ashes in minutes.

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