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Default Re: Stinger Speculation

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
Something to do with AIM that connects to Thor 2 (Jane Foster ends up kidnapped by them), and sets up Captain America 2 (Baron Zemo reveals some of the plan and takes control of AIM from Tetterington after Mandarin disappears). A resurfaced Hydra is teased.

Since it seems we're getting formally introduced to AIM in this movie, it could be revealed that they're up to a lot more than whatever we see in the movie.
In Captain America 2 this could be expanded on and it could end with Shield/Cap(and the team) vs AIM, Winter Soldier, and Zemo.
AIM would have secretly kept Hydra alive all these years after it moved into Russia, but Mandarin didn't know this. He was using AIM for his own means.
I agree it needs to be something like that. The previous "stingers" all had the concept of setting up for the Avengers. We have the Avengers established. Now we need something to not only set up the sequel, but link the backstories of the next films (T:TDW, CA:TWS, Iron Man 3 and possibly even GOTG) together. Something like AIM, as you mentioned above. Or just have a Thanos link behind them all, showing what Thanos has to do with each hero.

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