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Default Re: Is Adam West woefully underrated?

I was a Batman fan before Adam West came along. The first season wasn't too bad, they actully took a number of stories directly from the comics, I thought it was kinda cool and I enjoyed the actors and thier interpretations (of the villains mostly,) the only acting I didn't care for was Gordon and O'Brien, and I absolutely HATED Burt Ward as Robin (He's the reason I'm not a fan of Robin to this day). After that, I think the show became a victim of it's own success, especially when they started making up their own really lame villains (Egghead, Marsha Queen of Diamonds, etc.) and I finally realised that the producers actually had no respect for the characters at all, as the stories got sillier and sillier. I started off loving the show, but I evntually learned to hate it.
These days, though, I appreciate the show for what it was (a spoof) and what it did, i.e. basically saved the Batman franchise at DC comics, which had been on the verge of being cancelled.

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