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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by SimiOfDoom View Post
Hm.. more than a little worried now that they cram too much in it :/
If referring to my post above. Yup that is a worry. However, again I'm curious about the wording from the original interview, if Feige specifically said "Asgarian cast" or just the cast in general, since that would make a big difference.

As for the possible Asgardian Cast additions, there are two definite as named above. I suspect that the majority of others would have to do with support for the original Asgardian characters, and support in fighting for Asgard, and also to set up family and friend relationships to help keep the Asgardians "human" and relatable to the audience. (such as someone's sister or brother, or mentor or spouse...) So it might quite small parts mostly, just a few lines here and there to set up relationships prior to any fighting.

And as speculated heavily already in this thread there is at least one (technically) Asgardian villain that seems extremely likely to be making an appearance.

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