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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Quasimod0 View Post
Malekith is definitely using magic. He's using alot of hand gesture type things and at the same time a flash of light happens. Thats gonna look soooo awesome when its completed
I'm gonna be sad if this is the final battle and we're seeing it so early tho.
Dude I saw all the Avengers footage and it didn't ruin the Movie experience for me. The movie is usually shot at different angles and then edited to hell and back in post production. Sometimes the final footage doesn't even look the same as the cellphone, Digital camera, or camcorder captured shots. When it hits Post Production the scene are usually cut up and reorganized also. Look at the examples below.

Amature set footage
Captain America and Thor Battle
Look at how much of this fight sequence didn't make it into the movie.

Thor hits car

Thor throws and catches Mjolnir!

Now here is the same clip from the movie.

Marvel Avengers Assemble - Captain America and Thor in Battle

Just for giggles.

Set blooper

Official blooper
They even went through the trouble of digitally adding his shield in in post production lol. Just think there someone above them filming this that's right out of shot.

What is the most indestructable thing in the avengers? Ironman's suit, Captain America's Shield, or Thor's Hammer? The correct answer is Hulk's Pants
Loki: i have an armyTony Stark: we have a hulk!
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